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CaptainJack7 Posted1 4 years ago

@blaw, @canadaboi let's do this!

Blaw 3 years ago

Good we had a long strike date. GE is in tears!

BondBeast 3 years ago

@CaptainJack7 GE taking a pounding SAH!

CanadaBoi 3 years ago

looks like we have some traction!

OptionFox444 4 years ago

@blaw, @captainjack7 GE Stock’s ‘Resurrection’ Could Accelerate, Analyst Says Photograph by Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images Text size General Electric (GE) stock has rallied to start 2019, and William Blair thinks the momentum will continue. Where we were: After falling 51% in the last 12 months, GE has at least had a better 2019 than most, rising nearly 18% since the start of the year. Where we’re headed: Asset divestitures of a wider scale, coming in ahead of schedule, could make GE a much less risky stock, writes Heymann, improving investor sentiment.