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BondBeast Posted1 3 years ago

hi Hi @Dexter (5) @CaptainJack7 (15) @OptionFox444 (16) @CanadaBoi to respond to the info in the last vote send out..yeh it seems we got our @sses handed to us, but i mean we have some time...this stock is all over the place. Climbing strong there hope there? We'll see....i think to sell now (we each get $8 or 10 bucks,) maybe not work it...maybe ride to see what happens a bit more? I am for lowering tho..maybe from sell 8 to 5? I will place in a vote now, please vote yes if u agree..

Runner007 3 years ago

feeling CGC WILL SINK tomorrow....TLRY earnings call was not that positive...

CaptainJack7 3 years ago

CGC is a touch stock! Much turbulence!!

OptionPirate111 3 years ago

Hey guys, thinking CGC call option close to the money...earning date on CGC is NOV 14!! Momentum is strong...thinking a quick play to ride the wave? Literally in and out BEFORE earnings...