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Pricing & Rates

Transaction and service fees associated with OptionDistrict:

Service Definition Fee
E-Check funds transfer Funding your OD account via electronic check. FREE

Dividend reinvestment For reinvesting dividends paid by your securities FREE
Funds Withdrawal You withdraw funds from your OptionDistrict Account and we mail you a check. FREE
Third party broker fees Fees associated with the third party brokers who place your investments into the market. These fees are shared equally among members depending on the number of units an opportunity is split into. $5 on average
Funds wired in You wire funds into your OptionDistrict Account $10.00
OptionDistrict Investment Activities (per unit) For each investment activity transaction made on OptionDistrict. Includes both enter/exit fees. $1-$5
Stop payment of check We stop and resend a OptionDistrict check, per your instruction, originally sent to the name and address on your OptionDistrict Account $25.00
Express delivery At your request, we send a check or document to you via express courier $25.00
Funds wired out We wire funds to your financial institution from your OptionDistrict Account $30.00

OptionDistrict reserves the right to change, add or remove fees as deemed necessary and will attempt to provide fair notice of any adjustments.

All fees will be deducted from account assets. If you have any questions about OptionDistrict fees, please contact us.